Getting started with your call and getting to know someone almost seems natural for some people. For others, getting ready and making the call feel real is more difficult. Some people are great at spontaneous details, while others are less great in that area, and they really need to plan things out before they can talk, in depth, with their phone chat partner. Whether you’re the on-the-spot details person, or the plan-in-advance person, setting the scene for your call can be important to helping develop the realistic feeling that takes your experience from good to great.

Setting the scene for your interaction is extremely beneficial. It takes your brain from going through the motions to feeling like you’re actually there. Sometimes you can even close your eyes and see the room where your sexy session takes place, even if it doesn’t exist outside of your call. Taking your experience out of the real world and into your fantasy world can help both you and your partner to be on the same page when engaging in your role play in a few ways and getting to that point isn’t as difficult or complicated as you may think!

Planning your scene gives you props to work with during your role-play without causing confusion between you and your partner. You don’t want to hold your partner up against a wall when they think you’re propping them onto a table. Halfway through a sensual session is not the best time to work out specifics! Setting the scene will help you both to visualize the same background, with the same furniture and the same props. This gives you more potential tools to use to increase eroticism and helps keep everyone involved from becoming confused later.

With a good description and key details, setting the scene for your session also makes it feel more believable. Hearing someone tell a story is not the same as closing your eyes and picturing the story in your mind. Setting up the background and the surrounding area for the story in a way that makes it vivid in your imagination will help make it real in your mind and will also help make the overall experience that much better!

Setting the scene doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated, either. It can be a simple room with a bed and a nightstand and a dresser. Whatever the setting is, though, you’ll want to thoroughly describe your area. What room are you in, exactly? What furniture is there and what does the furniture look like? Where is everything located? Use colors, sizes, and lots of descriptive wording to make the scene pop in your partner’s mind. Don’t just say there’s a bed in the room. Instead, try saying there is a king size bed with red satin sheets in the middle of the room, with an oak nightstand on either side, and a matching dresser on the wall to the right. The details don’t have to be exact measurements but try describing things so your partner can picture what is surrounding you, and they can use that furniture to enhance the realism of your experience.

Don’t just use your sight! Use sensory details, too. How warm is the room? What does it smell like? What do you hear? If you enjoy candles, then say that there is an apple pie scented candle on the nightstand, and you can hear the flame flickering as the ceiling fan makes the light dance along the walls. If you prefer a cabin in the woods, then say that you can smell the pine trees and hear the crickets chirping outside as the wind blows gently through the open window. Use your imagination!

Setting the scene for phone sex is an often-overlooked detail that can make your entire experience feel more real and satisfying. Don’t deny yourself the added pleasure of making your experience great by being shy with your words! Have fun with your call!