You’re on a call with a beautiful woman and things are going great. You’re flirting with each other, and phone sex is on the horizon. What now? Do you just jump right in and make things up as you go? That can get confusing, trying to keep your imaginations on the same page as you keep trying to add new things. Part of the foreplay and part of the teasing is setting your scene. But how does one “set the scene”, exactly? It’s easier than it sounds!

Setting up your scene and surroundings ahead of time gives you props without causing confusion. Is there a dresser against the wall? What color are the sheets? It doesn’t have to be extremely detailed, but some detail is extremely useful. It also helps both people imagine what is happening more accurately without having to come up with details on-the-spot, which is difficult when you’re turned-on and trying to concentrate on pleasure.

Setting the scene also makes everything more believable. It’s easier to picture yourself in a sexy situation when you can picture the scenery and surroundings. Think of the way an author would describe a scene in a good book. The bed isn’t just floating in space, right? Part of what makes the book great is how you can picture yourself in the moment, surrounded by the room and furnishings.

To effectively set your scene, start by describing your area. This can be your actual room, or it can be fictional. What room are you in? Where is the furniture? Use colors, sizes, and lots of descriptive wording to make the scene pop in your partner’s mind. You want them to be able to close their eyes and picture the scene, while they imagine themselves enjoying your body and making unforgettable experiences.

Don’t forget to use sensory details. Your sight isn’t the only important scent! How warm is the room? What does it smell like? What do you hear? If you’re in a cabin in the woods, it might smell like the woods, with insects and birds chirping outside, and a cool breeze coming in through an open window. Again, it doesn’t have to be every single tiny detail, but it should be enough to help your partner picture what’s happening around them.

Setting the scene for phone sex is almost as important as setting the scene in a good book. Taking the time to describe your surroundings can even be sensual and can help you set the mood for some sensual discourse and ensure there is no confusion later, making the entire experience so much more enjoyable. Make sure you take that extra little step and have fun with it! Enjoy your next sexual adventure!