People love compliments! There are some standard ones that everyone goes to, but the tips here you can get you extra brownie points with a potential match from a chat line. Whether you’re talking to a match on the phone or on your first date, there are many options. With the tips here, you can craft sincere and impactful compliments. Compliments can make an excellent impression, light people’s days up, and lead to flirtations, fun times, and more. They come in all shapes and sizes, and while they can be given to anyone, people love giving the those that they are interested in or together with a boost. Whether the complement is small or grand, it can make a person feel fantastic. No one can escape the feel goods that come with good compliments. Keep these tips on your mind when giving compliments to make the biggest impact.

Tailor Your Compliment To The Person

Rather than picking a general comment out that could apply to everyone, look to tailor your compliment to that person specifically. When you meet people in phone chat sessions, you get to learn more about them. If you are enjoying aspects of their personality, let them know. If you have seen some images of them and think they are hot, be specific. With such a wide variety of places to pull compliments from, you will want to make sure the ones you choose have meaning to them. When a person, for example, makes it easy for you to open up, it provides a wonderful opportunity for a compliment that will be appreciated. Take a little bit of time to think about the reasons you feel a person deserves some praise and make every compliment count.

Include Specific Examples To Back It Up

If you are giving a compliment that is directed at a person’s ability to give advice, for example, if you can think of a time where their advice helped out it can make the compliment more impactful. If a person did a fantastic job, let them know what parts of their performance stood out. Some relationships are different than others, but appreciation is a fantastic thing to show. Examples let people know that they have been seen.

Don’t Delay Your Compliments

If you feel the need to say a compliment, rather than put it off, say it straightaway. Some people try to wait until what they think is the perfect moment for good compliment. Sometimes the moment they are looking for doesn’t come the way they intended to, or they forget to say it, and other times the compliment can feel a little bit more awkward if forced into conversation later. What you have in your head, as it comes, is often the best compliment for the moment. Sometimes people can single-handedly create a moment that is perfect for the compliment but delaying can have its negatives as well. If the compliment feels appropriate, the best time to give it is now. Other compliments are likely to come up later, and since sincerity has quite a bit to do with timing, saying what you feel when you feel it is often the best option.

Include All People Involved

This can help compliments feel more real. Some people take compliments and feel that those compliments might be condescending or patronizing, so including the other party can help offset this. Many people find it hard to take compliments, though everyone likes to feel included.

Avoid Backhanded Compliments And Compliments With Negative Elements

Try to avoid complimenting something that is only a compliment due to them doing something beforehand that was not so great. Compliments are designed to make people feel good, and that’s it. By bringing negatives into it, issuing backhanded compliments, or comparing the then to the now, can often bring negative feelings and emotions to a person from the past. Rather than negating a good compliment by making it rude or backhanded, focus on giving a compliment that is 100% a compliment.

Be Selfless With Your Compliments

By being selfless with your compliments, and not wanting or trying to get a compliment back, the compliments you give will feel genuine. In addition, it will make the compliments you give more sincere right off the bat. Rather than trying to get validation of your own, give compliments for compliments sake. Many people might return a compliment with another, but the expectation or hope that it will happen should be avoided.

Examples For On the phone:

“You’ve got a wonderful laugh!” This not only gives you a reason to tell a good joke, but laughter makes people feel fantastic. Telling someone you like their laugh may encourage them to laugh more, too, making them feel great at a later point.

“You’ve got a fantastic sense of humor!” A compliment like this should only be used if true. A person’s sense of humor is part of them. Due to this, the compliment comes off as a way to say “I like you!”.

“I love that you know so much about this thing you love.” Is your date an expert on fitness, history or music? Compliment them on the knowledge they have. You can also compliment them on their passion and the ways their body or eyes light up when they chat about the things they love. People appreciate when others acknowledge their interests and hobbies!

Other options:

“Thanks for being on time!” It is common for people to not be on time. Everyone has a lot going on. When your chat line partner shows up on time, you can thank them for that. You know how hard it is to stick to a schedule and make time for a stranger, so show your appreciation.

“I love hanging with you.” This should come towards the end of a chat if you’ve had a magical time with your new interest. It will set the stage for whatever is going to come next.