Sexting is a fun flirty way to stay connected to someone you either are banging or want to bang and on the Flirt1to1 platform, you can develop excellent sexting skills. This blog post discusses some helpful tips and recommendations while texting women on the site. If you’ve never heard of Flirt1to1 it’s time to change that. It’s a platform that hosts real women from around the world who are eager to share and express their sexy side with you. You have the option to sext, text, or call any of the ladies on the platform once you become a member and purchase some Flirt1to1 credits. You have access to hundreds of profiles and you can place any of the profiles and ladies you like on your favorites list and then you’ll be able to easily find them and see any new posts from your dashboard.

It’s simple to become a member but you do need to be at least 18 years old to join. Provide a valid email address and then you’ll be prompted to create a username and password. When it comes to the best tips on how to use texting with hot women on the site, you should do your best to be in the moment and express yourself. There is no need to be shy and hold back and the ladies who are members are excited to hear from you in this way.

One recommendation is to take a look at the about me and specialties section to match your desires with a potential lady. Once you find someone that meets your preferences you can start communicating with her and see where it goes. Another tip is to remember that you’re playing a role. Whatever role you decide to play, do your best to commit to it. It’s important not to stray too far outside of your comfort zone because then it may seem too weird for you or you may get turned off. But always feel free to express yourself and show your creativity with wordplay. These questions can always make a lady feel hot: What are you wearing? What are your fingers doing? What would you have me do to you if I were there? These ice breaker questions could be the first of your sext string.