Phone sex is great, but, with the invention of cameras on cell phones, sexting has become the best form of long-distance sexual fun. When you’re on an anonymous site, however, and you don’t want to throw out the anonymity with your partner, or you just don’t want your photos to end up online, how can you protect yourself, so no one recognizes you while still sending those sexy nudes to your partner? It’s actually easier than you might think.

1. Use camera angles to your advantage. Take a picture from above while looking down, or from the side while looking away. Mirrors can help with different angles, too, so take your phone to the bathroom mirror and get naked!

2. Use masks to your advantage. Renaissance masks, especially, add a certain sense of erotic intrigue to your pictures while keeping your face hidden.

3. Use a fake name. Just make sure you remember the name, so you don’t get offended when your partner moans that name instead of your birth name.

4. If you’re going offline, use a phone number generator, such as Google Voice, so your real name doesn’t appear under a caller ID. It would be completely pointless to give someone a fake name, then have your real name show up on their phone when you call. Most phone number generators also give you the option to input whatever name you want, so use that, as well!

5. Avoid identifying details in the background, like address details or family photos. Many people forget to check the background of their photos and will end up with addresses on mail or pictures of their family on the wall in the background.

6. In general, continue to go through the site so your information is protected, and don’t give out personal information to contact you offsite. This includes personal Skype or social media accounts, personal phone numbers, or your actual last name.

Staying anonymous is not that difficult, when you use what’s available in today’s world. Just pay attention to your surroundings and use different techniques to hide your face in a way that doesn’t detract from the erotic sexual intrigue of your body.