The desire and temptation for sex surrounds all of us on a daily basis, from store attendants to bartenders, work colleagues to friends who like to tease and flirt simply because they can. But how does one spot a sexual cue during phone calls or when texting?

While research has not been able to provide substantial evidence that women have specific sexual cues that can be detected, it is human nature for any woman to be drawn in by physical attraction, mannerism, and compliments.

But when the physical aspect is removed completely, a woman has no choice but to focus her energy on verbal, rather than physical communication, which undoubtedly strengthens the opportunities for those desiring sexual attention to achieve.

Women in general can be complicated creatures who flourish when shown attention and their needs are met, so it’s no wonder that one of the best sexual cues that you will pick up on via phone or text is flirting.

When trying to determine whether your phone partner is really into you and desires more, pay close attention to the following attributes.

The tone of her voice.
The first sexual cue is likely to be found in the tone of her voice and the way that she carries her words. When a woman is aroused, she tends to use a more seductive tone that could calm in the roughest waters. Even females with higher pitched voices can be found deepening the tone of their voice when their sexual desires are awakened.

Does she giggle?
Another sexual cue that can be triggered is one of a flirtatious manner where the woman begins to giggle seductively. She will not be loud and abrupt, but rather, she’ll sound sweet and alluring with a slight innocence about her.

Do you have her attention?
If you find yourself having to repeat yourself numerous times, you have not captured her undivided attention and need to step up your game to intrigue her with your words, whether vocal or written, if you truly desire fulfillment with her.

Is she paying it forward?
And the biggest, most predominant sexual cue that she’s totally in to you is when she’s returning compliments and being descriptive in the way that you’re making her feel, thus having the intent to provide sexual gratification for the both of you.

In conclusion, when attempting to find the perfect match for phone sex or sexting, picking up on sexual cues is important to ensure that both parties involved are meeting the others expectations.

And remember, at Flirt1to1 if you’re not convinced that the partner, you’re speaking with is not a great fit, you can always end the call and move on to the next, with absolutely no harm done and with complete privacy.