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It’s easy to join the platform and become a member as all you will need is to provide a valid email address, create a username and password, and confirm that you are at least 18 years old. You will then want to purchase some credits to use for sexting and phone sex experiences. Take a look at the all women tab and browse the hundreds of profiles. No matter what your preferences are you can find someone who meets the marker.

When it comes to sexting it’s all about having fun. Many approaches work for different people and ultimately it’s up to you to explore whatever way is best for you and your desires. Luckily, all the women will be happy to sex chat with you and sexting is a part of that game. Feel free to send a selfie or picture of you to the lady of your choice.

One of the best tips on sexting I ever received is to do whatever makes you feel sexy. You could share a fantasy or co-create a saucy role-playing scenario. You could even use bits from your favorite sexual memories and through them in a sext. It’s all about teasing and playing around with words. You could take turns being the narrator. In a dirty sext or text scenario – the narrator typically describes what’s happening around them. The other major role is the director. The director is doing the telling.