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Sexting Pro Tips

By Abigail Padilla / August 19th, 2020

It’s the perfect time to get invested in sexting. As we are still going through the shadow of the pandemic, social distancing has started to feel like the new norm. Even if you have never…

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Getting Your Flirt to Do Even More

By Abigail Padilla / August 18th, 2020

By now you’ve heard of the fascinating flirting chat platform Flirt1to1. If not, let me catch you up to speed. We are all staying indoors these days and staying away from other people as a…

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My New Quarantine GF Shares All Her Fantasies

By Abigail Padilla / August 17th, 2020

You no longer have to be bored and lonely during these unprecedented times. Flirt1to1 takes care of that as you may not be able to meet people to hook up in real life at the…

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How to Flirt With a Virtual Girlfriend

By Abigail Padilla / August 16th, 2020

There isn’t a better time to have some flirty fun with a virtual girlfriend but how do you find one and how do you flirt remotely? This blog answers these questions and informs you on…

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The Advantage of Having a Virtual Girlfriend

By Abigail Padilla / August 15th, 2020

Having a virtual girlfriend can be even better than the real thing according to many, and there are so many advantages to experiencing this type of relationship and this blog post explores why having a virtual girlfriend…

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