The holiday season is fun and is made to enjoy each other. Your conversations don’t have to be serious or purely based in the real world, and a little naughty roleplay can help you relieve some of your holiday stress! If you’ve used up the last remaining bits of imagination with shopping and putting together holiday seating arrangements, here are a few naughty ideas to get you going during your next Flirt121 chat!

Madame Claus and her Naughty Elf

Madame Claus is going to get what she wants with this naughty and erotic setup! Whether Madame Claus needs her naughty elf to make her a special toy and then demonstrate how it works, or she wants her favorite naughty elf to act out all her most intimate desires, she will get whatever she desires in this fun roleplay game. Will Madame Claus allow her naughty elf to finish with her? Or will she make him watch while she cums first?

Getting off the Naughty List

For anyone who enjoys impact play, BDSM, or domination play, getting off the naughty list is the perfect way to atone for all your naughty habits and actions throughout the year. All you need is a list of everything you feel you’ve done wrong this year – don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be real – and some way to punish yourself while confessing your crimes. You finished before you were allowed to during your last phone sex chat? That will be 3 slaps on your backside. You were too sexy for your last partner? Maybe you need to suck on your partner’s toes. Your partner will tell you exactly how to get off the naughty list, or just how to get off once you’re back on the nice list!

Unwrap Me

Ribbons and bows aren’t just for pretty gifts under the tree! Unwrap Me lets you tie yourself up and let your partner unwrap all your most intimate areas in whatever order they choose. If you want to really spoil them, let them unwrap your sex toy accessories and tell you exactly how to use them on yourself before letting you have a sexy holiday orgasm! Slowly unwrapping you one ribbon at a time will build up anticipation and give your partner control over how long the fun lasts!

Santa Claus is Cumming!

You’ve just caught Santa putting presents out and now you’re going to tell everyone unless Santa can give you a good reason to keep his secret. For anyone who has ever had a crush on Jolly Saint Nick, you get to let your fantasies become reality when you and your phone chat partner decide exactly how you’re going to be persuaded to keep Santa a secret. Will Santa get on his knees for you? Will you taste his snowballs and bring him some holiday cheer? Before you know it, Santa Claus is cumming and you’ll be on the Nice List every year!

Holiday roleplay is a fun way to stay in the holiday mood while bringing some spice and cheer to your next phone chat. Where will you hang the mistletoe tonight?