Is masturbation good for your health? 

Masturbation may have had a bad rep in the past, but it’s considered one of the safest ways to express your sexuality and has several health benefits. Masturbation not only lowers stress, but it also boosts confidence, increases positive moods, may act as a sleep aid, and more! 

Many individuals likely won’t see masturbation as a form of exercise. Still, if you do it with movement and physical intention, it can be used to supplement an already active lifestyle. Many people are opting to masturbate with others over the internet in this day and age instead of going on random dates with strangers. 

The pandemic is still heavy with variants floating around so, masturbation and masturbation with others over the phone may be the way to go. 

How can I use masturbation as a form of exercise? 

You may wonder how I can use masturbation to exercise. If that’s so, you’re reading the right article! 

Masturbation is about pleasure connecting yourself with your body and positive physical sensations. There are many ways to incorporate movements and breathes to maximize masturbation as a workout. The benefits of doing so may increase your sexual abilities with a partner in the future and keep you healthy. 

A few ways to increase movement when masturbating include incorporating an entire body workout, doing the clench, relax, release technique, maximizing you moving your body as you touch yourself, and having a flirt from the premium sex chat services platform instruct you as you fap your way to full climax. 

Consider joining Flirt1to1, where you can interact with real women who would love to talk dirty with you, hear you as you move your body while touching yourself and feeling great. There are many ways to interact with the flirts of the sex chat platform, such as sexting, listening to their pre-recorded audios of sexual fantasies, sending and receiving dirty pictures, or getting on a phone sex call. 

Once you meet the flirt of your wet dreams, you can easily be entertained for hours, and if you tell her your exercise goals, she will keep you accountable to move more while you touch yourself. 

Entire body workout with breath 

You can add exercise to your sensual moments. You can use time, several particular activities, or a combination to make your masturbation sessions worthy of a sweat. 

If and when you decide to add a workout to your masturbation, you may make sure you exercise your entire body. Perhaps your orgasm will be more intense because you use your whole body. 

Also, keep in mind the connection to breath and movement. There are many ways to explore with your breathing and self-soothing touch! 

Clench, relax, release technique

The clench, relax, and release technique is another way to say edging by getting to 80 percent ready to climax and then stopping, calming yourself down, and then doing it again. You train yourself to maximize your pleasure (and become a better lover). 

You can also maximize your movement while edging. Each time you’re ready to heat yourself to 70-80 percent again, incorporate training. Then when you are genuinely prepared to spill your load, you will be doing a lot of exercises too! 

Move your body as you touch yourself 

You can add exercises while touching yourself and hold yourself in varied positions similar to yoga sutras to maximize your movement and heart rate. When you start feeling yourself, you get excited and likely, and your heart rate increases. 

Think about ways to stretch, strengthen, and sweat more as you touch yourself. Perhaps, put on some fast-paced music or do some crunches, leg lifts, and planks for a few seconds in between looking at naughty pictures or listening to sexy stories. 

Have a Flirt instruct you when you FAP 

Flirts would love the chance to help you. They could do so by instructing you what to do and how to do it. Chat with them about your sexual interests, fantasies, and goals, and many flirts would be happy to make sure they can support you in your aspirations. 

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How to join Flirt1to1

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