Content Warning: This book contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sexual acts.

Unlike the butch and tomboy lesbians, stud lesbians tend to dress in a masculine way. They have short hair and often wear Doc Martens or other masculine clothing.

Stud lesbians are also sometimes known as butches. In this story, Chance is a stud who meets another stud named Garret.

What is a stud?

A stud is a vertical post in the framing of walls that laths and plaster are nailed to. A stud is also called a two by four or a two by six. A stud is often used in wood framing as a guide for nailing wallboard or other finishing materials to it.

A lesbian who identifies as a stud is masculine in appearance and demeanor. She usually wears men’s clothing and has a strong sense of self-worth. She may play a dominant role in her relationship. Studs are also known for their ability to sweet talk and gain the attention of women.

A stud may be insecure about her feminine appearance and struggle with body image issues. Her affirmed identity is challenging in a world that still devalues feminine beauty. In Stud Like Her, Chance struggles to love her true self and overcome the fear of what her friends will think. Luckily, she has Garret to help her along the way.

What is a butch?

Butch is a gender identity that encompasses both femininity and masculinity. It is a culture that has long been embraced within the lesbian community, as it can offer a way for femmes to reclaim their femininity in a world where it is often devalued.

Those who are butches tend to wear men’s clothing and may have a more masculine appearance than other lesbians. They may also have a more masculine voice and attitude. These characteristics can set them apart from other lesbians, and they may wear jewelry like stud earrings or a necklace with a cross. They may prefer silver jewelry over gold, and they may opt for piercings instead of traditional nose rings.

Lesbians who are butches can often experience violence and discrimination, and they should be supported by their friends and family. Showing support can be done by using proper pronouns, raising awareness about LGBTQ issues, and joining LGBTQ organizations. In addition, butches can find strength in their identities and the community by seeking out other queer women who share their experiences.

What is a tomboy?

Tomboy is a gender-neutral term that identifies a girl who rejects traditional feminine roles. She may dress in masculine clothing and engage in sports or other activities typically associated with boys. She may hate traditionally girly things like pink, and she may have some feminine qualities and interests.

Unlike a butch, who is typically physically strong and has a masculine appearance, tomboys can have some femininity. In some cases, they might have a slight preference for one or the other, but their overall personality is usually more masculine than feminine.

A tomboy can also be referred to as a soft stud. A soft stud is a tomboy with some girly interests. She might wear dresses and skirts occasionally, but she prefers to be a soft stud most of the time. It is important to note that a stud lesbian is black and does not refer to a white butch. The word stud was originally coined by black lesbians to voice their experiences and challenge gender roles that were established in the community.

What is a soft stud?

A soft stud is more feminine than a butch, but not as feminine as a femme. She might wear makeup or have more feminine clothing than a butch, and she may be interested in fashion and beauty. She is likely to have a large closet and may spend a lot of time on her appearance. She is a feminist and usually has a strong desire to be the best at everything she does. She is likely to have a femme girlfriend, although she might also date another stud. She might play team sports, such as basketball. She is a hard worker and often takes charge in a group.