If you’re a seasoned member of Flirt1to1 you’ll understand that specialties can be a great way to develop a connection on the platform. Flirt1to1 is a premium sex chat service that grants members access to hundreds of real women that know exactly how to dirty talk. Specialties are a section of hot information that can be found in the profiles on the chat platform. The specialties section may include a list of fetishes, kinks, and desires that the person enjoys and would love to explore more. Specialties tell you what to expect and what topics you are encouraged to bring up during a sext or phone sex session. But before exploring sexually with some hot women, you’ll need to join and become a member.

Don’t worry, it’s painless. All you have to do is create a username and password and provide a working email address. Then you have to confirm that you’re at least 18 years old and you’re good to. Be sure to purchase some credits to text, sext, picture message, and call the flirts you’ll soon get to meet. If you check out the all women tab you’ll notice hundreds of single individuals profiles. Pick one at random and click on the woman’s image. A new page will open up revealing some fun facts about your potential new connection.

When you look at the specialties section you’ll notice a list of desires and fetishes that the lady likes. Try giving her a call and ask about one of them. It could be anything from BDSM to foot fetish or role-playing. If you’d rather text, you have that option also but the bottom line is if you’re interested in exploring one of your flirt’s specialties to express yourself and take it from there. Your flirt can guess what you like but it’s so much easier to let them know what you’re interested in.