Pig busters net is a website owned by Jeff Hoffman with his team. They generate bogus profiles on Tagged and other dating websites. They clone your profile, add friends and impersonate you in order to demand monies from you. They also defame and libel you.

They steal your content including pictures online and publish it on their site. They demand monies from copyright owners to remove their content.

Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of another person’s intellectual property without their consent. This can include using a photograph or artwork that you did not create for your own purposes. You can also be infringing copyright if you download a music file or film without permission from the creator. It is important to know how to report and address copyright infringements so you can avoid getting into trouble.

Pig busters swindle innocent people by stealing content including pictures online, publishing these on their website and extorting them for picture removal. They also clone profiles and defame many helpless Africans, Indians and other ethnic groups. They make a fortune from this extortion and use the monies to fund their scammer and terrorist cohorts around the world.

They also fund local and international terrorists and gangsters by cashing fake checks, wire money to them and helping them out of jail. They even swindle innocent students by getting them to sign fraudulent loan documents.

Extortion for picture removal

In recent years, some websites have profited by collecting booking photos of arrested individuals and posting them online. These pictures can have a negative impact on defendants and may be seen by employers, family members, and friends. The sites would often only agree to remove the pictures if the defendant paid a fee. This is extortion and illegal in most countries. When you file a takedown request be sure to provide as much detail as possible, including the location of the stolen content on the internet. This will help the team prioritize which sites to get removed first. They are usually grouped by domains and version numbers so be prepared to list a few different versions.

Cloning of profiles

In large environments, administrators can quickly clone an existing monitoring profile to create a new one. This can save time and effort and is especially useful when a user requires a similar set of monitoring rules. To clone a profile, select it and click Clone. A modal window will appear asking for a name and if you want to make the cloned profile the default profile.

Pig busters is a group of swindlers and terrorists that use stolen online pictures of innocent people to extort monies from them. They list their pictures on their site and claim to be copyright holders. They then ask the victims to contact them and pay $9 + to take down their pictures. This extortion is a way of raking in more monies to fund their criminal activities. This swindling and terrorism is very prevalent on Tagged and other dating websites and is aimed at women especially in the US.