Finding the perfect person to talk to, or the ideal match for your phone chat can sometimes feel like finding a unicorn. Since everyone is different, you never really know who you’ll be compatible with, in the beginning, and it may seem like no one is the absolute perfect person. In these situations, it’s best to try talking to someone for a few minutes before deciding whether or not they are a good match for you. Best friends aren’t always immediate, but a friend can be found in anyone, if you give them a chance!

If you’re on the fence about whether or not the person you’re speaking with is a good match for you or not, then there are a few ways to look at it to judge if they’re right for you.

1. The conversation flows almost effortlessly. When you find someone you click with, the conversation doesn’t feel forced. It may feel awkward speaking to a stranger in the very beginning, but after five to ten minutes, it should feel more relaxed and almost effortless. Topics will find you without you feeling like you’re forcing them out of your partner, and volunteering information about yourself will just feel natural. It will feel like talking to a friend!

2. You have something in common that makes you smile. This can be hobbies or interests, books you’ve read, or places you’ve both visited. It can even be something as broad as a shared love for life and adventure, even if you haven’t been to the same places! Finding something that you have in common, and something that makes you both happy to talk about, can take a little while, but finding that perfect topic or common interest can change the whole dynamic of the conversation!

3. Awkward moments are minimal or non-existent. Those long, awkward silences can feel like they last for hours, even if it’s only ten seconds long. When you find a great partner, those silences will not happen often, and when they do, you’ll both recover from them quickly. The more you talk, the less they’ll happen, and the faster you’ll get to the more intimate topics and activities!

4. There is a physical attraction, even if you’ve never seen them in person. At some point, you’ll want to know what your partner looks like, and they can describe themselves flawlessly. In the end, you still just have a picture in your mind, just like they do with you. Whether you describe yourselves or not, though, the sound of their voice and their personality will make the right person feel like a safe place to express yourself and become intimate. No one wants to explore their body with someone they aren’t attracted to, but the right person will be attractive, even though you can’t physically see them.

5. You feel like you can be yourself with them. Whether yourself is you in real life, or it’s you as your ideal character, who you are will feel natural and comfortable when you talk to them. It will feel like the person you are with them is the sexiest, most unafraid and daring person in the world, and you’ll feel their attraction to you, as well. The phone sex will feel even more natural, and like you’ve been dating this person for years.

Finding the right person may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier than you might think. Don’t be afraid to open up to your partner and let your own personality shine through, and you’ll find plenty of amazing people that you’ll feel that physical connection with. The fun you’ll have will be worth the effort!