Finding a match is easy. Finding a great, or even perfect, match is far more difficult. How can you tell when you’ve found a great match for you, though? It’s not like a sign will light up about your head, or a banner will magically drop from the ceiling when you’ve found a great partner. There are signs, though, if you know what to look for, and finding a great match is far more likely on Flirt1to1.

You’ll know you’ve found a good match when the conversation flows almost effortlessly. The first few minutes of talking to a stranger may be awkward, but when you’ve found a conversation partner that you’re compatible with, the conversation will just sort of happen without you having to search for something to say. There will be less awkward silence and more talking, laughing, connecting, and even sexual compatibility!

When you have something in common that makes you smile, then the partner is definitely easier to get along with, and it will make you happy whenever you get to speak with them. Whether this is a common background, common hobby, or even just a movie that you’re both passionate about, having something in common that you both enjoy talking about is a huge advantage and will ensure that the relationship is positive and pleasant, overall.

Awkward moments are minimal or non-existent. Awkward silences are the worst. It’s difficult to not try to fill the silence, and, usually, the silence is filled with something you didn’t even mean to say. When you’re excited to talk to someone, the awkward silences are minimal, and, if there is silence on occasion, it’s not really awkward.

There is a physical attraction, even if you’ve never seen them in person. Basically, this means that if you want to have sex with them, purely based on who they are as a person, then you’ve found a great match. This seems wild, but it happens frequently, and, after all, isn’t that the sort of things you want when you’re flirting with someone?

You feel like you can be yourself with them. When you have that emotional and mental connection to someone, you don’t feel like you need to create a completely new character in order for them to like you. You feel like you can be yourself, or at least a version of yourself, and they will still genuinely enjoy your company.

These cues, separately, are a sign that you’ve found a good partner for your phone chat. These cues together, though, mean you’ve found a great match and you shouldn’t let them get away! Be yourself and don’t be afraid to move on to a different partner, if you don’t feel like you click with someone. The next person might be the perfect match for you!