Are you new to the Flirt1to1 platform?! Maybe you’re even new to phone sex and sexting. Should this be the case, you may be wondering how you keep the good times rolling and sexting flowing and this is the topic of the blog post today.

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First, if you haven’t already- obtain a membership from Flirt1to1 so you have access to hundreds of beautiful women who are eager to please and tease you with SMS messages and phone sex calls. It’s simple to get started as all you’ll need to provide is a working email address, create a unique username and password, and confirm your age (you need to be at least 18 years old). Once you’re logged in, purchase some Flirt1to1 credits so that when you find a profile and lady that meets your eye and attention you can get straight to the naughty business.

Have you experienced an awkward silence with new people?! You probably don’t have to worry much about that happening on the sex chat platform because the ladies know how to keep you interested and continue the call. You could also try a few tricks like being open and saying whatever is on your mind without holding back or putting a filter on or show interest in what your new friend is saying. One way to do this is by asking some questions and using active listening skills to hear what is being communicated to you.

The women who are active on Flirt1to1 will appreciate and notice when you put an effort into keeping the chat fresh and fun. So go ahead and explore Flirt1to1 and try something new with someone new. The platform is open 24/7 and there are always new ways to relate with others.