Flirting through text message is fun and exciting, especially when it leads to sexting. Sexting is more intimate that phone sex, since you can actually see the person you’re being intimate with. When you’re flirting with someone through text, though, and you’re getting sexy and you know what you want to do to each other, how do take that leap from sexy texts to sexting?

Start off by giving your partner some sexy compliments. Comment on things like how a certain outfit hugs their curves just right, or how you love how kissable their lips are. The sexual, erotic compliments will turn up the heat in the conversation and will get you on the right track for sexier discourse!

Is the sexy vibe reciprocated? Once you’ve sent those sexy texts and dropped those hints, pay attention to what your partner responds with. Are they being flirty and sexual, too? If it feels like they’re blowing you off, then maybe save the sexting for another time. If they’re being flirty and sexy back, then keep going and let things progress to dirtier, more erotic levels!

Take their location into account. When you want to get naughty, then take into account where they are and who they’re with. If they’re at work or out shopping with friends, then you don’t want to get too naughty, since it will likely not be reciprocated. You also don’t want anyone reading over their shoulder or catching a glimpse of any nudes!

When in doubt, ask for consent. Don’t be afraid to ask, “do you want to try sexting?”. If they are alone and have been reciprocating your flirting and erotic banter, then chances are they’ll be happy to sext with you and have a good time!

Timing is everything. Don’t immediately jump into the sex part of it. Take your time. Foreplay is just as important with sexting as it is with regular sex. Tell them you want to kiss their neck or play with their chest. Don’t jump straight to intercourse.

Make sure they’re into it before you start. If you ask if they want to sext with you and they respond with, “eh, sure,” then chances are, they are not into it. If they respond with an excited “yes!” then get into it! They’ve probably been waiting for you to ask!

Send tasteful pictures, don’t go straight to dirty. Try pictures of your face and chest, first, or photos of you licking a toy or food in an erotic way. No one wants to go straight to your junk. Send them something tasteful, then work your way up to the genitals. The tease is an added bonus and will get their juices flowing!

Getting from sexy texting to sexting isn’t overly complicated or difficult. Learn how to read the situation. If they are being sexy and flirty, then they are probably open to taking things to the next level and getting dirtier with you! Have fun, and happy sexting!