People belonging to this horoscope sign are skilled in playing all sorts of mind games. Mixed signals, hot and cold psychology – they know it all!

They’re also prone to testing a woman for neediness. He wants a woman who can show that she doesn’t need him but rather wants him.

Play on his arousal and desire for intimacy

Scorpio men are highly sexual and crave intimacy. You can turn this on by reminding him of romantic or sexual encounters you’ve shared or tempting him with fantasies about future ones.

Wearing sexy, alluring clothes can also help pique his interest and increase his attraction for you physically. He is also attracted to women who are witty and intelligent. Show him that you are his intellectual equal.

However, you should never play too hard to get with a Scorpio man or else they’ll lose interest in you and move on. They want to feel challenged by you, but they also need to know who’s in charge.

Be a leader

Scorpio men crave power and confidence, so show that you can command attention. This is not to say that you need to act like a princess all the time, but do give him a hint of your dramatic side to make him wonder what else you’re hiding.

However, don’t play too hard; he might feel suffocated by the constant chase and will lose interest. The key is to find the right balance between playing hard and making him miss you. Loyalty is another thing that Scorpio men don’t play with, so don’t betray him. He’ll never forgive that. Loyalty is one of the dealbreakers that he has for relationships, according to Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach in her book Scorpio Man Secrets.

Don’t be a pushover

One of the best ways to make a Scorpio man chase you is to challenge his mind. He is drawn to women who are intellectually stimulating and can speak highly about political and world events.

He also loves a woman who has ambition in her career. This will show him that she is confident and independent.

When you are with a Scorpio, don’t reveal everything about yourself at once. Instead, create a sense of mystery that comes from your natural depth and boundaries. This will allow him to be the chaser and make you want more of him. It will also demonstrate that you are not needy or desperate for a relationship.

Be brutally honest

Scorpio men are loyal to their friends, so they will be the first ones to come to the rescue of a friend in trouble. They are also extremely protective of their own reputations and can be suspicious of anyone who threatens them in any way.

If he suspects you are lying or even just a little bit deceitful, he will stop chasing you. He will feel betrayed and lose trust in you.

To avoid this, be brutally honest with him. This can include letting him know that you’re not in the mood for romance or a sexual encounter. It can also involve sharing your feelings or what you want from the relationship.

Don’t make it too easy

Scorpio men are sexy, but they also crave mental intimacy. They like to be with women who are witty and smart. This turns them on more than a sexy exterior or even confidence.

Show him that you have a mind of your own and can stand on your own two feet without him. Scorpios can be suffocated by a relationship that moves too fast, so play it slow to keep him interested.

Aim to be a sexy, strong woman with a mysterious side. Scorpio men love to chase a challenge. Make him want you by playing hard to get and giving him a taste of your power.

Be patient

Scorpio men aren’t easy to pin down. They love to play with their emotions and will use their strength to get what they want. They don’t like to be beaten. They will pursue you until they feel they’ve got you.

Make him work for you. If you’re too readily available, he will lose interest quickly. He needs a challenge. Show him you have a lot going on in your life and he’ll be drawn to the mystery of you. He wants to know you’re someone who is in demand. Let him know you have social status and he’ll want to join the club.