Women have always found older men fascinating. While it’s true that there are idiots in every age group, on the whole, mature men tend to be wiser and have a greater sense of self-worth.

They’re not afraid to show their emotions and are able to meet a woman on her level. That’s why some women find them so sexy.

1. He’s a good listener

Mature men know that clashing values or opposing principles can lead to a lot of fighting and arguing. This is why they are often attracted to women who have similar views and core values.

They also understand that fear can keep you from seizing opportunities if you allow it to. So they’re not afraid to step outside of their comfort zones, even if it means a bruised ego or some discomfort.

2. He’s not overly jealous

He’s not overprotective, but he does care about you. He wants to make sure that you feel safe and well taken care of.

Jealousy is all about protecting what you perceive to be rightfully yours or what you wish was yours. Watch for a guy who exhibits jealous behavior even before a romantic relationship begins. He may raise the subject of whether you’ve run into any other men lately.

3. He’s not overly competitive

Mature men recognise that people who share the same values and principles simply get on better. They are therefore not as interested in finding women who hold different views and beliefs.

They’re also not perpetually frantic, reacting to every little thing in the world around them. This is a sign of emotional maturity, which comes from years of intentional growth and inner work.

4. He’s not overly materialistic

A sexy mature man prioritizes freedom and balance way more than he does material possessions. He probably avoids shopping sprees and is a fan of those “life hack” websites that show you how to live on a shoestring budget.

He’s also likely to be proportionally more concerned about his diet, as he’s a little closer to mortality now. That’s a pretty sexy trait to have.

5. He’s not overly judgmental

He’s not always on edge and reacting in extreme ways to changing circumstances. This is an indicator of emotional maturity.

He doesn’t take things personally or judge you for your interests and preferences. This is a sign of maturity because he knows it’s not his place to criticize you for your differences. Women find this sexy.

6. He’s not overly competitive

Men in their 50’s tend to be less competitive than men of a younger age. They recognize that it can lead to a lot of conflict and arguing, so they prefer to spend time with women who share their same views on life.

Emotional maturity is the result of years of intentional growth and experiences that empower a man to show up in the world as the healthiest version of himself.

7. He’s not overly materialistic

Men of a certain age tend to value stability over everything else. They prioritize freedom and balance over a fancy car or the latest tech gadgets. They’re probably into those “life hack”-y websites about living on a budget and saving religiously.

As such, they find women who aren’t overly materialistic very attractive. It’s important for them to have similar values and principles.

8. He’s not overly competitive

Mature men realise that competing with their partner can lead to a lot of friction and drama. They also recognise that people who share similar values simply get along better. This means that they’re looking for a woman who has a similar approach to life and relationships. This includes a sense of romance. (1).

This post was contributed by an anonymous Man-Fan over 50.

9. He’s not overly materialistic

Emotional maturity is a huge factor that makes a guy sexy to a woman. He puts her needs first, has a strong sense of self, and is confident. He also respects your thoughts and ideas and asks for your opinion on things. He’s not obsessed with money or status. He genuinely loves to see you succeed. He’s just as excited for your achievements as you are for yours.

10. He’s not overly materialistic

He respects your thoughts, ideas and interests and makes sure to consider them in any major decisions that affect you. He also treats you as an equal partner in the bedroom and tries to understand your sexual likes and dislikes.

Mature men are also typically more financially stable than younger ones, which can be incredibly attractive. They recognise that having different values can lead to a lot of clashing and arguing, so they prefer women who share their same basic principles.