A question that is often asked is, “How Often Do Women Masturbate?” While the question might seem straightforward at first, the answer is a little more complex. Everyone is different, and that is okay. That said, there is a lot to say about masturbation. It is healthy and fun, as well as being a fantastic workout for your pleasure centers. Masturbation reduces stress and has other benefits as well. Making yourself orgasm involves getting your blood pumping. Whether you are male, female, or nonbinary, masturbation is a dream for people who are into cardio. Studies have also said it can help lower blood pressure, release hormones that enhance happiness, and more. Outside of this, getting off can contribute to mental stability and put people in a better mood.

Other Benefits Of Masturbation

There are many other benefits of masturbation, including the knowledge people gain about their fantasies and desires from it. Whether you find yourself creatively exploring new things or going for tried-and-true things, masturbation is an excellent way to learn more about yourself. Masturbating with other people, called mutual masturbation, can be done using phone sex hotlines. This adds additional elements to the masturbation, as you can talk about your fantasies with other people who love talking about theirs. Learning what turns other people on is one of the most efficient ways of learning more about what could turn you on and what does. Phone sex provides a wide range of additional benefits as well.

How Often Do Women Masturbate

One of the biggest benefits of self-pleasure is achieving a better understanding of what turns you on and what pleasure looks like for you. When you understand what is pleasurable for you, you’re more likely to talk about it with sex friends, partners, and more. This type of communication, communication about sex, can provide massive benefits to how you connect with others. Many surveys have been done about masturbation, and many of them have found an orgasm disparity that exists between women and men. Men report masturbating more regularly than women, on average. One popular survey taken by Indiana University’s School of Public Health in 2015 found that less than half of the surveyed ladies reported having masturbated in the previous 30 days.

Why Women Don’t Masturbate As Much

It is important to keep in mind that surveys are not always the best representation of the population. Some women may be hesitant to report having masturbated, so the actual numbers may be slightly higher. The stigma that comes from sex and sexuality, particularly with females, is brought on by a large number of things. Regardless of the reasons, however, women masturbate, on average, less than men, even accounting for this stigma. Women are also often more likely to be objectified and, according to some, have more people proposing to them for sexual activities. While most women may not masturbate as much as men, women on Flirt1to1 are open-minded, horny, and very comfortable playing with themselves. Mutual masturbation, through phone sex, is an excellent way to explore your fantasies and build into intense climaxes and fantastic orgasms.

How Phone Sex Can Help

Phone sex provides an excellent way for people to become more in tune with themselves. Becoming more comfortable with masturbation and more comfortable talking about sex and sexuality has massive benefits to it. Using phone sex chat lines, people get an active and accessible way to explore themselves. All genders are welcome on this platform, and as people grow and understand themselves more, as sexual people, comfort levels rise. Phone sex chat lines are also fantastic for improving communication between people about sex. Many professionals recommend masturbating 3 to 5 times a week for at least 15 minutes each session. Self-love is important to people’s happiness and trying new things and getting off hard can be a fantastic way to grow in confidence. While setting aside that amount of time can be difficult, phone sex chat lines keep things exciting and convenient, helping to keep people motivated to masturbate more.

Slowing Down Societies Fast Pace

Masturbation also allows people to slow down. In a busy world where there is a lot of conversation, plenty of news, and responsibilities can pile up; phone sex chat lines can be a Godsend. Rather than spending time driving around and trying to meet people at bars, in clubs, and other places, enjoy the pleasure of other people’s company from the comfort of your home. Whether you are interested in sex chat on the bed, in the kitchen, on your couch, or in the tub, people on this platform are interested in sharing phone fun with others. Dedicating a specific amount of time to masturbation brings other benefits, enhancing the length of time people allow themselves to slow down. Having another person on the line encourages people to pace their masturbation, building up to being close to orgasm, slowing down, and building up again. This can also lead to even more intense orgasms overall.

Final Notes

Other information from studies includes statistics about often women masturbate each month. According to a 2016 survey, females masturbate around eight times a month. Just over 25% of women masturbate 2 to 3 times per week, and a quarter of women masturbate just one time per week. There is no correct amount of masturbation people need, however. Some women only need to masturbate one time per week, while others are interested in masturbating much more often. Many of the people at Flirt1to1 love to masturbate much more frequently. Some are learning more about what turns them on and are finding themselves masturbating more often. Others hop on to masturbate once or twice a month when the mood strikes them. Flirt1to1 welcomes each of these types of people, jump in and have a blast.