They’ve been there for you all year. They listen, they turn you on, they get you off, and they never ask to use your toothbrush. Now, you want to show them the appreciation you have for them by getting them a little gift for the upcoming holidays, regardless of which holidays they celebrate. This is the season of giving, and you’d like to give them something to remember all the best moments of this past year! What exactly should you get for the people that have listened and helped provide your most intimate moments, though? What exactly is the protocol for getting someone a gift when you’ve only met them through phone sex chatlines? There is no one correct answer, but there are a few things to remember when trying to decide.

If you’ve spoken to someone multiple times and you feel a connection with them, ask them if they have a P.O. box to receive gifts. Most people are not comfortable giving out their physical address to someone they’ve never met in person, so try to respect their privacy.

When deciding on a gift, stay away from scented items unless you know what scents they enjoy. Some people may prefer floral scents while other hate fake flower scents. Instead, go for something soft or plush in a neutral color, like a soft robe or a foot spa set. This will also remind them that you want them to pamper themselves in preparation for your calls so they can feel as relaxed and spoiled as possible while showing you their gratitude for the gift.

If you tend to go for something sweet or edible, small cakes or candy are almost always an instant success. Who doesn’t enjoy something sweet to make their kiss taste that much better? If you know their favorite candy shop or brand, then that’s even better! Places like See’s Candy or Harry & David may be local hot spots, but they are usually willing to ship orders across the country for anyone who loves their food.

Do you prefer speaking with the more well-known people who like to market their own brands? Some people actually have their own apparel lines and brands where you can support them by purchasing things like hoodies, photo sets, t-shirts, or koozies. Bigger purchases will give them a larger profit, and you get a little something for yourself at the same time!

For anyone who feels like they want to provide a gift to their favorite chatline partners, but they aren’t sure what to get them, or if their favorite partners don’t have an address that they want to give out, the gift of money is always a wonderful idea. Many people have things like PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, or any other cash apps that let people send money without risking any personal information being shared. Just ask your partner if they have a way to receive money and send them a little monetary gift so they can do something nice for themselves!

Gift giving through the holiday season can be a mental hurdle, but there are plenty of options for those favorite chatline partners, regardless of their current situation or availability. Have fun with it and show the people you appreciate most that they mean something to you!