When natural senses such as sight and smell are eliminated, your other senses become enhanced, forcing one to commit to focusing purely on sound and vivid imagination to meet the expectations of their partner.

In this topic we’re going to share some insight as to how you can supplement the senses that are dulled during phone sex, all while increasing the senses that remain.

There are many objects used in Hollywood to imitate something completely different, yet none would be the wiser when viewing it on a big screen. For example, the sound of liquid metal, as used in the Terminator 2 movie, was nothing more than a can of congealed dog food turned upside down and poured slowly on to a plate which in turn made the gooey sound.

Another interesting example of creating sounds to provide the effect of something that it was not, was the roars and growls of dinosaurs in the world-famous Jurassic Park movies. Being that no one in modern history has ever been able to document what a dinosaur may have sounded like, sound effect engineers turned to tortoises during mating season and manipulated the sound they made during sex to provide the intriguing sounds they thought a prehistoric dinosaur may have made.

So, what has this got to do with phone sex?

Well, imagine thrusting your girl hard as she’s bent over on all fours as your rock-hard cock pounds her. While there will be grunts and groans, envision how realistic your call can be as the headboard of your bed is hitting the wall. To imitate this sound, you could simply use a chair hitting a table in a repetitive motion.

And how’s about that sound of when your skin smacks against hers? Something as simple as smacking your own leg with one hand while you stroke your cock with the other could help your phone sex encounter become more realistic, therefore encouraging, and potentially enhancing orgasm.

Playing with sounds during phone sex can have a massive impact on the overall experience and make it more enticing to participate with enthusiasm.

Consider a squeaky door slowly moving back and forth as a means to emulate a sex swing or may be emphasize a zipper being pulled down slowly as you undress with your partner on speaker so that she can hear and envision exactly what you’re doing.

Get creative, pay attention in your everyday activities to discover sounds that you’d never considered using during phone sex to help mimic something sexual and stimulate your sex partners senses to a level of ecstasy.