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Flirt1to1 is the best way to mingle with flirty women around the USA who are happy to interact sexually and excited to spend some moments with you. Becoming a member has several perks and allows you to experience this premium sex chat services site with full access.

Join today by clicking on the sign-up button. Then you will need to confirm your age (you must be at least 18 years old to become a member), create a username and password, and type in a working email address.

Once you’re logged in, purchase some Flirt1to1 credits by most major credit cards or debit card. Credits will give you access to make phone sex calls and send dirty pictures and messages whenever the mood strikes.

Familiarize yourself to the premium sex chat platform. Mainly, browse through the flirts’ profile pages to learn more about each woman on the site. Feel free to also create a profile about yourself as it’s the first impression that you’ll give to flirts of you. Once you find someone who you like, feel free to add her to your favorites list and send a web message to get the ball rolling.

How Flirt1to1 works

Flirt1to1 gives you an opportunity to fulfill any sexual fantasy, kink exploration, and more through mutual masturbation experiences with real women on the phone. Wherever your imagination goes, you can explore with one-on-one chats via calls or messaging. You can find every kind of person being active on this platform and because of this you can explore a variety of arousing topics and experience whatever you want!

Your privacy is important to you and the platform owners. The management team at Flirt1to1 have taken several measures to ensure that anonymity is kept and both you and flirts safety is there number one priority. Flirts only know what you tell them and what you put on your profile. Your number is masked so that you and others can only contact each other when logged into the platform.

Flirts are paid for their services, and you can find their rates per minute for one-on-one calls on their profile pages. You only must pay for texts, sexts, and picture messages that you send out and it’s at a standard rate per message.

To get started, browse the all women tab where you can peek at profiles and learn more about each flirt active on the best sex chat platform.

Member benefits

There are many member perks that make the experience on Flirt1to1 worth it! You have access to several benefits including a member dashboard, history feature, live chat, favorites list, and web messages.

Also, Flirt1to1 won’t break your bank account. Each rate is reasonable, and costs are always up front so you can decide on what’s best for you.

Read more about the member benefits below.

Member dashboard

The member dashboard is a control center that you have direct access to every time you log into your member account. You can see your favorite flirts listed here, see who is online, see how many credits you have, and check out new posts and pictures from your favorite Flirt1to1 women.

Populating your member dashboard with sexy women is the best way to make the most of your membership. You can easily do so by adding flirts to your favorites list and then notice that their profiles and other information is included in your dashboard.


The history feature is one of the best things since sliced bread because how else are you going to remember who you chatted with or who you had an amazing phone sex experience with? This feature is available every time you log into your account, and you can jump into a naughty conversation where you left off.

This saves time and gets you to who you want to speak to in a matter of moments. Make the most of this feature by logging into your account and heading to your member dashboard.

Live Chat

Live chat or one-on-one direct calls with the flirt of your choice is a top benefit of the platform. You can have dirty phone sex, explore fetishes and kinks, talk about your favorite sexual positions and past experiences, and or listen to what your flirt has to say.

Whenever you want to jump onto a live chat, click on the call button and you’ll be directly connected to your flirt. You only must pay for the minutes that you talk, and rates are available on each flirt’s profile page.


The favorites list is a great way to add women who you want to chat it up with and learn more about them through their posts and pictures. Since there are hundreds of active women on the platform, remembering or finding the same flirt may be daunting. That is why the favorites feature allows for easy access to the women you find hot!

You also can add and delete people from your favorites list at any time and these women will pop up on your member dashboard when you log into your account.

Web messages

You can easily send messages right from your Flirt1to1 dashboard at any time. Web messages are a great way to start a new connection and to keep a conversation going. You only ever must pay for the messages you send and never for the ones you receive.

Send dirty pictures, use your imagination and chat about your desires and what you’re hoping to explore with each flirt. Feel free to send a message at any point as you have access to do so 24/7.