Once upon a time, it was nearly impossible to see two women kiss on television. If networks did, they would face a barrage of complaints and advertiser pull-outs.

Nowadays, wlw (women who love women) are well represented on TV. But it wasn’t always that way. One of the first lesbian kisses on TV was in a tense, emotional episode of L.A Law.

Make Sure She Is Comfortable With You

In a time not that long ago, you could almost be forgiven for thinking that kissing another woman was taboo. Back then, there was a pretty strong chance that if a lesbian kiss was shown on television, it would trigger a barrage of complaints and advertiser pull-outs.

It wasn’t until 1991 when L.A. Law showed what was deemed the first lesbian kiss on television, and a whole new wave of gay TV storylines followed. These episodes were typically attention-grabbing, containing kisses between two women that were heavy on shock value and light on staying power or actual queer characters.

These episodes were usually aired during “sweeps weeks,” the weeks in February, May, July, and November when networks vie for ratings. They’d feature a closeted lesbian character kissing a bisexual character to boost viewership. It was a ploy, but it was also a sign that same-sex couples were becoming more mainstream. And that was a big deal for many young lesbians.

Ask Her Whether She’s Open To Kissing Girls

When you’re comfortable, ask her whether she is open to kissing girls. This is a safe way to find out, and it will also make her feel like you’re respectful. If she isn’t, then don’t try to kiss her because it won’t work out and you’ll be disappointed.

If she is, then the next step is to get closer to her and play with her hair or touch her shoulders. This will make her want you more and will build up tension between the two of you.

If she talks about lesbian celebrities or movies, it means that she is open to the idea of lesbian kissing. This is a great sign that she’s ready for the next step in your relationship! She might even talk about a gay friend or her favorite female singer. This shows that she is open to different ideas and loves to be able to express herself freely. It can be fun to explore the world with her!

Watch Her Body Language

If she keeps her eyes closed once kissing begins, it may be an indication that she doesn’t want to be seen. Closing her eyes can also feel safer, helping her to focus on the sensation of kissing.

If you’re not sure whether she’s gay or bisexual, watch her body language while you’re making out with her. If she’s relaxed and open, it’s probably safe to assume that she’s LGBT.

Ally McBeal exploited the lesbian kiss trope to the max with a smooch in Episode 207, “Happy Trails.” This was a blatant attempt to improve the show’s ratings. The series had a long history of breaking taboos, including one instance where a character farted on television. However, the potential relationship between Ally and her secretary did not last long. The episode also featured a kiss between recurring characters Ashleigh and Molly. Both characters did not appear in future episodes of the series.

Invite Her Over To Watch A Movie

For a lot of people, kissing women is a big turn on. If you’re feeling like it’s time to make your move, invite her over to watch a movie. Choosing a movie you both enjoy can help boost the chances of it going well.

This erotic scene from Buffy the Vampire Slayer features Willow and Tara embracing after a traumatic episode about the death of Willow’s mom. The hug is tender and intimate, and it’s one of the first times that lesbian kisses have appeared on mainstream TV.

L.A. Law was famous for breaking taboos, and this episode is often referred to as the first gay kiss on commercial network television. Although some advertisers boycotted the show, NBC found new advertisers at discounted rates. Despite the backlash, this was a big moment for LGBTQIA TV fans. It was the first of many episodes that featured lesbian couples kissing on screen. This trend continued in shows like Ellen and Veronica Mars.