There are so many ways to experience and express yourself on the Flirt1to1 platform and if you’re considering becoming a member you may have a few questions as to how this whole phone sex thing works. Phone sex is the act of mutual masturbation over the telephone with at least two people but it’s more than that too because it also has to do with imagination play, feeling comfortable with yourself and others in conversation, and using active listening to build the light-hearted connection.

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Exploring a new fantasy or fetish on the phone may seem daunting if you’re new to it however, the skilled flirts on the sex chat platform, are friendly, open-minded, and horny and will lead you to great pleasure.

There are many tips available about phone sex and while some work for some people, all tips may not work equally for everyone. Sometimes the best way to learn more about yourself and to improve your phone sex skills is to be positive, remain in the moment, and just chat about what feels good. With time and experience, you’ll learn what you like, you’ll learn good communication and active listening skills and you’ll also likely gain confidence.

Become a member of Flirt1to1 today and start your phone sex journey. All you have to do to get started is to provide a valid email address, create a username and password, and confirm you’re at least 18 years old. Purchase some Flirt1to1 credits for you to be able to send naughty texts and picture messages and chat on the phone with the flirts.

To find someone ideal for you, check out the all women section and browse the hundreds of profiles. Profiles will give you plenty of information on each lady on the platform. Profiles usually have pictures, a preview of each flirt’s voice, desires, and sexual interests, and more! Once someone catches your eyes or attention, add them to your favorites list to see when they are available online. You can also check out their latest posts and pictures by adding them to your favorites list.