When it comes to anything involving your sex life, parents have a knack for finding the exact wrong moment to walk into the room and ruin everything. Even as an adult, your parents will call every single week at the exact same time, unless you’re having sex. Then they call right before you can finish with the most randomly unimportant piece of gossip. It’s a talent that they’ve acquired over years and perfected just in time to upset your day.

Throughout the year, there are various times your parents may visit you or ask you to visit them. The end of the year is a popular visit time, and the 2-to-3-week visit is a long time to go without your favorite phone chat partners to keep you company. With some skill and practice, you can get away with calling, though, and can even have some sexy fun without them noticing.

The first step to getting away with phone sex time is to get away. Find a reason to leave, whether you make up an important teleconference meeting that requires privacy for a couple hours or you take a day trip that is actually a hotel room right down the street. Find a reason and a way to get away and have some uninterrupted privacy so they don’t call you or walk in on you while you’re in a compromising position.

Next is to find privacy from everyone else. Once you get past the most difficult task of getting away from your parents, you’ll need to find a way to get away from everyone else. This is where that hotel room comes into play. Don’t try a car, even if the windows are tinted, or anywhere public where someone might eavesdrop. Make sure your phone is on Do Not Disturb so you don’t get any other incoming calls while chatting, and make sure to lock the door to the room you’re in. Again, you don’t want any embarrassing or awkward walk-ins!

Lastly, you want to have a plan and stick with it. This includes having a timeframe and an alibi, just in case something bad happens. If you tell your family that you have a one-hour phone call, make sure your chatline partner knows that you only have an hour at most. If you are afraid someone may intrude, come up with a cover story so you can change topics or explain anything that may be overheard. A good explanation is that you’re talking to your doctor about a heat rash, which is just embarrassing enough to avoid further questions and also provides a good reason why you may be looking down your pants. Whatever your cover story is, ensure your phone partner knows it at the beginning of the call, just in case you need to switch over mid-conversation!

Getting away with chatline phone sex may be difficult, but it can help your overall mood and help you navigate the lengthy visit with your family. Just stick with the basics and don’t overcomplicate your cover story and you’ll be just fine!