Costumes have been a staple for sexy roleplay in the bedroom for as long as costumes have existed. The reasons why wearing a costume for your partner are pretty obvious, once you see their reaction, but is it really worth it to wear a costume during phone sex? We think it is definitely worth it, and here is why.

Wearing a costume gets you in the mindset for roleplay. Feeling like you’re completely in character helps you think like your character, and helps you feel less self-conscious about your acting. If you have trouble visualizing your persona, just look in the mirror!

Additionally, you don’t have to imagine details of your outfit, since you have everything at your fingertips. Trying to remember details when you’re turned on and in the middle of a passionate and erotic roleplay isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. It’s far easier to wear what you’re describing and have the added pleasure of running your hands over the outfit when you’re in the moment.

This also allows you to have added props to use during sex. Whether you’re a superhero, a sexy cop, a stripper, or whatever else you can imagine, wearing the outfit to match your role gives you something new to play with and enjoy that might seem out of place in normal clothes.

For anyone that stresses about things in their own life, you can get out of your own mind and be someone else for a while. What better way to feel like someone different than by dressing and acting like them? For just a little while, you can be a naughty inmate with no bills or responsibilities, and only a need to be spanked. Or maybe you’re a stripper in a leather thong whose only goal is to make as many tips as possible. You can be whoever you want!

Knowing that you’re wearing a sexy costume is incredibly sexy for your partner. Who doesn’t want to think about the hottie on the other end of the phone wearing a sensual and naughty outfit while touching themselves? Be that irresistible person!

Lastly, wearing a costume gives you something different to take off and describe to your partner to keep things new and fresh. Removing the same pajama pants or underwear every single time can start to feel repetitive. Switch it up with a tactical belt or combat boots. Be descriptive and tease your partner with specific items that will make the entire scenario even more tantalizing.

Phone chatlines are meant to be sexy, fun, and exciting. Don’t be embarrassed to shy when it comes to having erotic fun with your partner and go all out! The orgasm will be worth every moment!