In a world filled with ambitions to achieve more, succeed in daily life, and conquer one’s fears, you may find yourself desiring to role play as someone else or the person that you long to be.

At Flirt1to1 we encourage your endeavors and suggest that you run with it as pretending to be someone else while fooling around can often elevate the sexual experience due to the boost in confidence that you’d receive in doing so.

Furthermore, when given the capability of portraying yourself differently than how you’d be perceived ordinarily, you’re exploring new adventures that can increase stamina and elevate you to a realm of the unknown.

Maybe you would like to be perceived as a successful businessman, all suited up, who drives a fancy sports car convertible that lives uptown in Manhattan, New York. Or you might like to take the reins of being a Hollywood executive on a talk show in Los Angeles who’s daily routine starts with yoga before you jump into your Tesla with a fruit smoothie in hand to attract a more Marilyn Monroe type of woman.

Whoever you desire to be when discretely communicating with our flirts is entirely up to you, which opens a whole world of fantasy and role playing that you can toy around with during your Flirt1to1 communications.

So you want to be a fireman rescuing a damsel in destress, perhaps a lawyer who is getting a stripper out of a sticky legal situation where she compensates you for your services through sexual trade. Or maybe you simply want to be yourself and wish to be transparent with your flirt.

Regardless of what approach you take, as long as you are comfortable and enjoy the time spent with your sexy female match, you’ve succeeded.

But if you do wish for some inspiration here’s a few more idea’s for you to entertain in the event that you decide to spice things up.

– A college professor seeking a failing female student
– A welder with mask who’s face cannot be seen
– A famous football player who just won the biggest game in his career
– A pizza delivery driver who is invited in while the MILF fetches payment
– A porn star who has all the moves to make a woman orgasm

Now go have some fun!