Chivalry is about doing the right thing, for the right reasons and at the right times. It was a social code for knights and gentlemen during the Middle Ages.

While many women don’t like it anymore, chivalry has some important facets that are worth preserving. Among them are honesty, standing up for justice and helping those in need.

Checking if she got home safely

It’s an old tradition to check up on your date after they get home. It shows that you care about them and want to know that they’re safe.

Chivalry is a set of values and behavior expected from medieval* knights, combining military, social, and Christian ethics*. It included honor, valor, courtesy, and purity, as well as loyalty to a lord or cause.

The most famous aspect of chivalry was courtly love, which involved a knight serving a lady and her companions. Besides that, it also included duties such as protecting the innocent, helping the church, and being a champion of good against evil.

However, despite its many benefits, chivalry has been criticized by some as being misogynistic and overprotective of women. Others, like me, argue that it is a necessary and beneficial way to protect groups from harm.

Keep your phone away during a date

While this might seem like a small thing, having your phone out during a date can be very disrespectful. In fact, a recent study by Psychology Today found that having your phone out during a date can make it seem as if you’re not fully in the moment with your date.

The best way to avoid this is to turn your phone off or put it away during the course of your date. This will keep it out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on what’s happening in front of you.

This is a chivalrous act that most men have forgotten. Helping her with her jacket can go a long way in letting her know you care about her and how much she means to you.

Another great way to show chivalry is to give her heartfelt compliments. Studies have shown that women who receive sincere compliments feel better about themselves and even brighten their moods.

Dressing well

There’s no denying that dressing well is a proven way to make yourself look more confident and attractive. And it doesn’t have to be complicated or costly.

The most important thing to remember about dress is that it should be appropriate for the occasion. It’s all about making a statement without overdoing it.

One of the best ways to do this is by layering. When you wear layers, you look more stylish and put together, plus it helps to keep you cool without overheating.

Another important element of chivalry is being respectful to others. This could include being hospitable, being tolerant of differences, and being a good listener.

It’s also important to know your values and what’s most important to you. This will help you to determine how you should be dressed for every situation and how you should behave towards others.

Giving her a hug

It might seem like a small act, but a good hug is one of the most meaningful acts of chivalry. It shows that you care and that she is special to you.

It also helps break the ice, even from a distance. So if you’re not sure about giving her a hug, try these two tips before deciding to give her one:

1. Smile as you walk toward her to gauge whether she feels comfortable getting a hug or not.

2. Step in slowly and calmly to avoid showing your nervousness or triggering her to give you strange vibes.

3. Maintain eye contact as you approach her to gauge how she feels about being hugged.

4. When you get closer, slightly lean in to her and bring your hand out from the side of your waist like you’re going for a wide handshake.

It may sound cheeky, but it’s a smart move that won’t give her any clues that you’re planning on going for a hug.